Diana and her students

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“Before I found your app I did not know how I would create an agenda in conjunction with a visual schedule. Your app has saved me so much time in my schedule and has created peace and predictability for my students!”

I received an email from Diane, a teacher in Canada who uses DayCape with her three students. One is an 11 year-old boy and two are 12 year-old twin sisters. All three children have autism.

Diane explains that DayCape is helping her students at school and at home, and that they love it!

In the morning, the twins visit the app as soon as they wake up to find out what they will be doing at school. Their mother reports that knowing the schedule before arriving at school reduces their morning stress levels. In addition, she appreciates the reminders sent to her iPhone of the girls’ upcoming activities throughout the day. Their mother is so happy with the way that the girls are responding to the app that she plans to use DayCape for scheduling family activities outside of the school day.

At school, Diane uses DayCape to make changes to the girls’ schedules during the day with her iPad. These changes instantly appear on the students’ “view” of the schedule without her needing to interrupt the flow of classroom activity. The changes simply appear on the students’ iPads, and the kids like to receive updates this way.

Before the boy started using the app, he used pictures with Velcro to navigate his day. But Diane thinks that DayCape is a much better alternative. For him, the timer and color change features are especially helpful. With the timer, he automatically understands when to start a new activity. And he now knows that “break time” does not begin until the schedule has changed to green, which improves his ability to concentrate until then. Diane says she is very happy with his progress in class, and attributes part of his positive experience to DayCape. She plans to share her experiences with other teachers on the school’s autism team.

Now, the other kids in the class are curious about DayCape. They like to look at the images that Diane creates in the app and are enchanted by its appearance and the “pings” it makes.

Diane concludes her email by saying:

“Every day at the end of the day,[the boy scrolls through what we have done and says ‘Look Mrs. Smyth, look what we’ve done! We did it!’ Thanks to your app, he has done it!”