Maximize your teaching skills with visualization

DayCape - Maximize your teaching skills with visualization

Essential tools for inclusive education

Visual tools is essential for providing the right support for students in need of special education. It is also proven to be great for improving concentration and aid the development process for children during class hours.

90% of information that comes to the brain is visual
The Ultimate Infographic on Infographics,


Create inclusiveness and increase learning by including visual tools in your classroom. Learn how to prepare students for school tasks with imagery and creativity.

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Maximize your teaching skills with visualization


Why visual?


70% of the students and teachers agree that the visual aids helps with motivation
Impact of Visual Aids in Enhancing the Learning Process Case, Journal of Education and Practice


DayCape - Maximize your teaching skills with visualizationAll children, especially those of a younger age, are visual learners. It is easier for them to process information with pictures, rather than words or text. Visualization and visual tools help children to be mentally prepared and ready for school activities and assignments. The children quickly become more aware of their surroundings and more focused. Visual tools also improve children’s concentration and learning abilities.


The course

Our half day course and workshop includes:

  • Practical methods with visual tools during class
  • Available tools and application 
  • Co-use with co-workers and caretakers 
  • Segmenting school activities and visualize time
  • Motivate students to use the tool
  • Reviewing result of visual learning with students
  • Workshop: how to best implement visual tools at your school

The goal of the course

After the course you will feel more comfortable as a teacher, knowing how to use and implement visuals tools as a daily part of your teaching.

Maximize your teaching skills with visualization

Anton HåkansonThe Lecturer: Anton Håkanson


“Anton is a fantastic speaker. He is educational, calm and dedicated to the listeners needs” Birgit Carlsson, Lärare Kungsholmens västra gymnasium


Anton is the founder and CEO of DayCape, a visual calendar app for daily planning and learning. He is a highly awarded entrepreneur (Forbes 30 under 30, Human Centered Index). For years he has worked with children to support them with visual tools such as DayCape.


“Giving today’s youth the best opportunity for education is the best we can do with our time”
Anton Håkanson, Founder DayCape


As a lecturer Anton is experienced working with teachers and is frequently sharing his knowledge in multiple countries such as: Sweden, France Croatia, Lithuania, Spain.

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Maximize your teaching skills with visualization

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