Help one or more people to plan their day!

DayCape is an interactive photo-calendar where you, as a parent, teacher or friend can help a person or persons to plan their day.


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Meet Eric

Follow Eric during his day at home and in school. Eric has autism, and this causes some difficulties for him. But with the help of people around him and DayCape he´s able to overcome them.

With DayCape the day rolls easier and safer!

Keep track of the day’s activities with DayCape

With the mobile app, it’s easy to keep track of what will happen during the day.

When your friends and family add activities on the DayCape website, they are loaded directly into your app. When it’s time for a task, a reminder is displayed and the app shows clearly what must be done. An estimate of the duration is shown.


We are so proud of the acknowledgments that we have received. Thanks to all of you who support us and make our progress possible!