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Group scheduling and mood share

Have a super day together with the family or the whole class with our group scheduling and mood share features. Group scheduling With this feature you have the ability to plan and view schedules for multiple users.  Easily select the activities you wish to be completed by the group.  Group scheduling will be great for teachers… Read more

Imre speaks for kids rights

This week Imre had a super good speech in Almedalen on children with autism and ADHDs rights. Have absolutely incredibly talented , so touching that he got most of the audience cry, he impressed the judge Elaine Eksvärd from SnackaSnyggt so she both got goose bumps and tears in his eyes . She said it… Read more

Diana and her students

Diana and her students

“Before I found your app I did not know how I would create an agenda in conjunction with a visual schedule. Your app has saved me so much time in my schedule and has created peace and predictability for my students!” I received an email from Diane, a teacher in Canada who uses DayCape with… Read more

Vendela uses DayCape

  The door of the family home has a special name plate on it. The daughter, Vendela, designed it in the art style of Minecraft, her favourite game. Vendela is Love’s big sister. While Love can be subdued, Vendela is playful, energetic, and joyful. After I greeted her, she shifted her attention quickly between her… Read more

Love uses DayCape

  Two weeks ago I visited a boy named Love and his mother Elisabeth. Love has autism, which can be very difficult for him some days. This day, something has happened during the day so Love is very frustrated. Even when his mother tries to talk to him so he looks down on his iPad and… Read more

DayCape calls

During the week we at the DayCape team has been doing phone interviews to understand the daily life of people with autism and see how DayPal could make their life easier. We have chosen to interview three persons with different experience of autism. Tina Tina is a mother of three children with autism, therefore it… Read more