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About Eric

Follow Eric during his day and how he gets help from DayCape.

Imre uses DayCape

DayCape is a visual calendar app that makes it easy to help a child with daily planning. This video presents Imre and his mom Jenny as they talk about DayCape and how it helps and supports them as a family in their daily life.


Welcome to DayCape!

We are extremely pleased that you have decided to test our service and hope that DayCape will be really useful for you. In this manual, we will go through the steps that you need to take to get started.

DayCape Hack - Links and activities

Do you have favourite YouTube video that you want to see every morning or during the day? You can use DayCape to show it to you. Just add the link to the video under “Description” when you create an activity, and it will become a clickable link that will direct you to the video.

DayCape Hack - Mood check

We all have bad days. They may not be fun, but they can be necessary so that we can appreciate the good ones. To help you cope with the less good days we recommend you to use the Mood check function to get encouragement from your DayCape friends :)

DayCape Hack - Instant timer

This video shows you how to use DayCape as an instant timer for those spontaneous moments when you just want to keep track of time.

DayCape Hack - Voice syntesizer

The DayCape app offers a voice synthesizer function for children who need voice reinforcement or have reading difficulties. The synthesizer reads the activities aloud for the child. The voice synthesizer button is at the upper right of each activity. It is, however, necessary to activate the function before it can be used – this video will show you how to do this.

Invite CapePlanners

Invite other CapePlanners to help with the daily planning.

Plan for groups

Create and manage groups to plan and share calendar to multiple people at the same time.