Transform autism into a superpower

DayCape wants everyone to live in a world where they feel excited about the day ahead of them. For children with autism, the tasks of the upcoming day can seem very intimidating. That’s why we developed a fun and interactive digital image calendar that helps them plan their day and enables them to look forward to the activities scheduled.

DayCape is a digital image calendar for children with autism. We hope that it will be a great support in daily life when growing up.

Parents, relatives and friends close to the children with autism are very important: they put great effort in supporting the daily schedule. That’s why we wanted to make DayCape a web platform that makes it easy to collaborate with planning the day together with others.

Even if living with autism has its difficulties these children have their own uniqueness and skills that can be uplifted with the right kind of help. By transforming autism into a superpower, we want to help our users develop the confidence to embrace the exciting day ahead.

Anton HåkansonDayCape wants to help children discover their own superpowers.
It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, where you live, what you like to do…anyone can put on a cape and prepare for a super day!

Anton Håkanson, founder of DayCape, was diagnosed as a young child to be within the autistic spectrum. Even if this diagnosis was later removed, he has a very special understanding of the daily issues that occur. Anton read a great deal of cartoons as a child, and his favourite hero was Peter Parker as Spiderman. Even with all the powers and spidersense that Peter has, he still experiences conflicting feelings about becoming Spiderman, and faces decisions about how to use his powers. As Spiderman, he is unable to save everyone, and struggles with feeling different and weak, despite his unusual powers. But, Peter always had friends and family supporting him in the most difficult times, and they helped him become the great superhero he was meant to be.

 “That is why I think DayCape needs to exist. Just like Peter Parker, these children struggle with powers they don’t understand. But with the right help from family and friends they can discover there own superpowers.” – Anton