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Imre and his mother Jenny helps DayCape

Imre is a smart, expressive guy who has been using DayCape for nine months. His insights are helping us to improve our planner. Imre has diagnoses of ADHD and Asperger’s syndrome. Jenny, Imre’s mom, is helping to make our scheduling interface more useful and “user-friendly” for parents.  

DayCape is awarded for work as a Human Centered Business

DayCape is awarded for work as a Human Centered Business

Today DayCape received an award from Human Centered Business Index. During a period of time Lumen Behavior interviewed 300 companies and selected ten companies that they believe is a model for how the organization works with people. DayCape is praised for the work we have put into working with children, parents and teachers involved in… Read more

Love and Vendela tests the DayCape app

Today Anton and Karl are visiting Elisabeth who is mother to her son Love and daughter Vendela. The family have been using the beta version of the DayCape app for three weeks. Elisabeth tells us that DayCape is helpful in the everyday life, especially because the children are more likely to do what they need… Read more

Meet Elisabeth and Love

We at the DayCape team got the chance to interview autism parent Elisabeth, mother of two children, a boy with autism, ADHD and a girl with ADHD and autism tendency, to understand the struggles they are dealing with in their everyday life. We brought along Karl, who is a psychologist student, to see if he… Read more

DayCape calls

This the week, the DayCape team has been doing phone interviews to understand the daily lives of people with autism and to see how DayCape could make their life easier. We have chosen to interview three people with different experiences of autism. Tina Tina is a mother of three children with autism, therefore it is… Read more

Meet Misa

We at the DayCape team got the chance to do an interesting interview with the employees at Misa in Blackeberg in Stockholm. Misa is an organization that provides autism rehabilitation and they help and support for people with the condition. They help to develop your skills and capabilities so that you can participate in the… Read more

Molly test DayCape

Last week the team had a coffee break with Molly and tested the autism calendar app DayCape with her. Molly is testing DayCape with her friend Lukas. Molly said to us: – I like it! I could put my whole schedule in it. Most important would be to add when I need to go to… Read more