DayCape is praised for their work beyond sustainability

Human Centered Business Index will be presented on the 15th of Mars. It is a list with Swedish companies that shows the way for the next level of  work with sustainability, were the positive aspects on the world are a part of their core business. DayCape is one of the top tier companies on the list.

DayCape want all children to live in a world were they are enthusiastic about the day they have in front of them. For children with Autism the task they have in front of them the next day can seem very difficult. This is why they have developed a fun and interactive picture calendar that helps children to plan their day so that they can look forward for the activities that are planed.

-If a child with autism doesn’t get the help it needs, then it may keep it self away from people or feel that they can’t really handle themselves. But when they take help from our app then they can learn to deal with the difficulties they have and to instead use them so that they can be able to focus on what they are very good at, says Anton Håkanson, Founder of DayCape.

Human Centered Business Index has been developed by Lumen Behavior, in cooperation with a global network of experts in Human Centered Design, system changes and social innovation. Now the framework is being tested for the first time and the Swedish companies that topped the list shows prove on using the new competence that is required to be able to navigate business development in the time that we live in that is changeable.

– We live in a global world were we have abundance of information and knowledge. However, the majority business decisions made are on same premise as the last century. The companies that can convert purpose, empathy, systems approach and resilience in both leadership and strategy, not only have the conditions to survive – but to also flourish, says Johanna Hallin, CEO of Lumen Behavior.

Human Centered Business Index 2016 was launched on 15 th Mars in a seminar togehter with KTH Center for Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. There the winners were presented and the study that is the basis for the index.

Human Centered Business Index 2016: Top10

Frösunda Omsorg
Mitt Liv
Saltå Kvarn

The ten winners of 2016 are presented  the companies are not ranked within their tier, since the tool is still under validation.

About Human Centered Business index

The Human Centered Business Index measures performance on the metrics of purpose, empathy, systems-approach and resilience, based on publicly available materials. The parameters were used to rank companies into four tiers of Human Centered business. In the 2016 Index, the companies are not ranked within their tier.

Human Centered Business Index 2016 will be presented

Tuesday Mars 15th

KTH Entrepeneurship & Innovation, Lindstedtsvägen 30, Plattan

Together with KTH Center of Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

With support of Stockholm Business School Executive Education och Pondus

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