New DayCape app update 2.0

We at DayCape has worked with children to develop a new super good update to the iPhone app.
With the new improvements, we’ve created new features that make DayCape more fun and better to use during the day. ?

DayCape friends are finally here!
In the app, you can now choose from several friends who accompany one during the day. When a task is started the friends pops up on time meter and goes with you during the activity. It makes DayCape fun for the kids during the day.
Under settings in the app so you can select a friend.

The idea to DayCape friends comes from the children Love and Vendela as we previously blogged about. They thought that small animated friends would make their day a lot more fun. They actually are so creative that they themselves designed and animated characters to your own app. Love drew DayCape friend Olof horse because it is his favorite animal. Vendela designed the car and hatred even more ideas that will greet the DayCape in later updates.

Englsih avatar

Mood check
Imre 11 years found out that he would like to be able to check the things that he had done during the day. But not only that. He wanted to tell the app how an activity he went. So with Mood check can now Imre and other children choose how the activity went by choosing a smiley for a mood. It is super for the kids to be able to monitor how the day went and great for parents and teachers to see what the kids really enjoyed the day’s activities.

Special teacher Diane as we have previously written about immediately noticed a big difference.
– I thought that my students liked math assignment that I gave her. But in DayCape I saw then that she felt sad. I had not known otherwise! So now I can hear with her tomorrow regarding what it was that went wrong.

Ensligh feedback

Encouragement during the day
Imre also had an idea to Mood check. He thinks it is important to feel happy and proud of what they are capable of during the day and when it does not go well so you need to be encouraged.
– I want fireworks when I do something good.
So now there will be fireworks in the app when checking that an activity is going well with the check Mood! It also pops up when other events not gone so well for pep children not to be sad.

English firewrk

Other new features
– Now you can turn your phone or iPad on hand. With improved landscape mode that looks even better DayCape lying in the iPhone and iPad.
– Even more corrections to make DayCape work better in the iPad.
– If you are not a fan of colors, you can now change the settings to grayscale.
– You can now set how many days you want to view the settings.

In April we are planning our next update.
If you want to help us as Love, Vendela, Imre and Diane to come up with ideas to April update, please contact us at

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