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In our daily life we have different genius tricks and ways that we develop to make our days work smoothly.  With the DayCape app, you can use it in the way that works best for you and your needs. To help you get out the most of the app, we have created DayCape Hacks –… Read more

Movie time!

Every human experience is really unique, and sometimes explaining it with words can be tricky and almost diminishing to the experience. To see the world from different perspectives and specially through the eyes of other real humans is very enriching and is something we from the DayCape team really recommend doing once in a time!… Read more

New illustrations from Aprendice Visuales

DayCape has received new illustrations from Aprendices Visuales. This illustrations works perfect to display daily activities in the DayCape app.  The images is available in DayCapes Common image library.  If you want to find more similar illustrations then check out Aprendices Visuales illustration collections. Go to Aprendices Visuales

Pictogram icons

Pictogram icons have been commonly used in autism resource for education and habilitation and there is a good reason for that.  For an autistic person it can be difficult to understand verbal communication for a lot of reasons. It can be that the person understands the words but not the context or it’s because social… Read more