Android version in sight




Last week Anton went to Guthenburg as DayCape was nominated in the “Open application – free creation” category at The Brewhouse Awards 2015. This Award Ceremony was the final in Sweden’s most creative Idea- and Innovation competition. Along with other awesome businesses we competed for some funding and other cool benefits that is valuable for any kind of startup. The category we were nominated for was the last for the night so you can imagine that the tension was real. Suddenly, “DayCape” was announced as the winner!




On stage, Anton received a lot of love and was able to tell the audience about DayCape and why receiving this price helps to make DayCape even better. That is why the next step in the evolution of DayCape is going to be an Android version of the app. By doing this we will make it even more available for everyone who needs to use it. Our aim is to have it done by the beginning of next year.

A big thanks to The Brewhouse Awards for making this possibility come true!