DayCape gets reviewed by Touch Autism



Last week, DayCape got reviewed by Kathryn Jenkins from Touch Autism, a company dedicated to building mobile device apps for people with autism spectrum disorders, Down syndrome, and other intellectual disabilities, helping them to live independent and productive lives. Kathryn herself has a son with the super power autism, and she has become a bit of a guru when it comes to autism apps and products. We think this is super cool!

That is why we are happy and pleased that Kathryn really liked DayCape. She loved its many cool features, and she now recommends it to children and adults with autism. We love to read that Kathryn found it easy to navigate and simple to use. That means that we have accomplished our mission withe design of the DayCape app and website. The same goes for the customization options, which allow users to choose the design and features for their app. From our side, we always want to make DayCape as personal and fun as possible. Another feature that Kathryn tells us we did right is the notification reminders, which other apps haven’t done very well.

This review was valuable feedback for us, and we appreciate getting it because it helps us to become even better. Thanks to our super quick developer, Simon, the upload hassle and the confusion about language settings is resolved. We hope that is the last we see of those bugs. If they ever appear again to you, as a DayCape user, will you please let us know?

Want to read the whole review? Click here!