Why did SnailDay change name?

The initial idea with Snailday was to help people with autism to plan their daily activities by watching a snail go through their day at a steady pace. However, through feedback from users, we realised not all of them felt they could relate to a snail – as cute as he looked, some users wanted another character.

This was an opportunity for us to rethink how to reposition this tool – and to explore how to make it more personal. We realised that our calendar could create a deeper connection with the user. It shifted from a passive activity of watching a character on a screen, to a more active connection that users could internalise which created excitement for their day.

We want our users to feel that excitement. We want them to be able to look forward to the things they are going to do, and feel happy about it, rather than feeling uncertain about what is coming. The cape is something that a superhero puts on to give her confidence and power. Our app should give the user that feeling of confidence for the day: so now, it’s a DayCape.

By transforming autism into a special superpower, we hope people will develop the confidence to embrace the activities of the day ahead. The cape also gives us an opportunity to introduce more characters, and create deeper connections with our users.