Love and Vendela tests the DayCape app

Today Anton and Karl are visiting Elisabeth who is mother to her son Love and daughter Vendela. The family have been using the beta version of the DayCape app for three weeks.

Elisabeth tells us that DayCape is helpful in the everyday life, especially because the children are more likely to do what they need to do when the application tells them, than when Elisabeth tells them. Another positive aspect of DayCape is that it gives the whole family a clear image of how much time they have left for an activity, such as in the morning routine, something that help them to avoid delays. Elisabeth appreciates the changes we have made in the app in order to make it easier to change the time set for an activity. She finds it useful at times when she needs a little more time to finish the current activity.

So far Love is finding the app interesting. His favourite feature is the timer, because he likes being able to see the time ticking down in the app so he knows how much time he has left. For Vendela, the reminder feature is important. She likes to do her own day planning so it is important for her to have her own app and that she doesn’t have to share with Love.

On this visit, Elisabeth asks for some features she would like to see in future versions. She wants an easier way to create recurring events. She has also been bothered by a few of the bugs, like the one that makes it had to do quick adjustments of the schedule.