Pictogram icons


Pictogram icons have been commonly used in autism resource for education and habilitation and there is a good reason for that. 
For an autistic person it can be difficult to understand verbal communication for a lot of reasons. It can be that the person understands the words but not the context or it’s because social interaction can feel difficult and distracting.
Still it’s important to remember that this does not apply for everyone with autism but it’s still important to be available for those who needs it.
So for the DayCape app we want to have a large icon library to choose from. A loot of icons we are using from the open source website The noun project (Visit Thenounproject) and some of them have been designed by the DayCape team.
We would like to mention a few examples of the icons that we think could be a great autism resource.
Alone time
Alone time
Sometimes people need some alone time. We don’t always give ourselves permission to take alone time, and we can’t always express that this is the need we are feeling, but the need for alone time is an important, human need. For this reason, we encourage you to schedule alone time, and enjoy it!

When you are frustrated, it’s even harder to express yourself well, which can make you feel trapped in the situation that is frustrating you. Having a symbol that you can use to alert others to your


Even if everyone feel love it can be a very abstract emotion and can be very hard for someone with autism to express.


Play time
Some children you need to remind when it’s time for school break or play time. If not some kids can get stuck in there own thoughts. Reminding that it’s play time can help these kids to be kids.

Designed by Iconathon