Social Impact Report and Reach for Change


As one of the Change Leaders in the Reach for Change incubator I’m happy to announce that the Social Impact Report 2015 has been released! It is so awesome to read the report and find that DayCape is highlighted as one of the examples that is making a positive difference for children all over the world. Not the least am I amazed to read about the other 16 dedicated entrepreneurs from different countries, and how we all together – are really improving the life of children.

During our time in the Reach for Change incubator we have had the opportunity to get awesome advice from big companies that want to help DayCape in different ways. We have also been part of really cool projects as The Never Ending Stories campaign and the Tele 2 Hack Day . One of my favorite things as a Change Leader has also been the times when all of the Change Leaders meet and can exchange the awesome things in the work we do, but also the struggles that we face in wanting to make real changes. It’s awesome see and feel the support that we give each other and to know that whatever what, we have each others back :)