New review by Best Apps For Kids


Feedback from our users is the best gift the DayCape team can get. This is why we are really excited about having got an awesome review from Best Apps For KidsStacy Zeiger , who reviewed the app, writes that DayCape have accomplished its goal and gives it a score of 4,3:

“Through the app, kids will feel more organized and more in control of their day”.

With DayCape Stacy experienced that it was easy to create activities for the app and values the voice synthesizer which gives children with reading disabilities or who need auditory reinforcement  the possibility to have the activities read up loud. This is something we are really happy to hear since this are some of the new features from the latest app-update.

The animated timer with the DayCape Friends, the several screen settings that gives children the possibility to customize their app and the fact that the app doesn’t have any links or buttons to take the children out of the app – is something that adds Child Friendliness points to the DayCape app.

According to Stacy, DayCape adds a great value to families by not being so complicated compared to other visual planning apps out there. It is also appreciated that it is possible from one single user account to create several accounts for children, and through that, plan the day of the children.

The review gave us also some valuable feedback on things that we can improve and that is something we are thankful for.

A big thanks to Stacy and Best Apps For Kids for this awesome review!