Group scheduling and mood share

DayCape in the classroom

Have a super day together with the family or the whole class with our group scheduling and mood share features.

Group scheduling

With this feature you have the ability to plan and view schedules for multiple users.  Easily select the activities you wish to be completed by the group.  Group scheduling will be great for teachers and anyone involved in planning for a number of people with the same, or overlapping schedules.

Know how your hero is feeling


The mood share feature lets you monitor the mood of your child or student after completing each activity.  A simple happy-to-sad-face rating system makes it easy to communicate real-time emotions.  This is a great way to increase communication with children and monitor how things are going for them.  Mood share is already having positive impacts in the classroom:

“I showed one of my students the smiley feedback rating and the encouragement pop up and she wants that on her ipad now!I thought she liked math class this morning but she rated it sad so we were able to go back and she showed me what she didn’t like!”

Says Teacher Diana.