12-year-old Anton is more independent and less worried

Tina tells us about what has changed since her 12-year-old son, Anton, started using the DayCape app:

“Anton would often ask me about what we had planned during the day, and would become a little anxious if he didn’t know. He decided to use the app on his own initiative. Ever since, he has been more independent and less worried. Previously, Anton could find that sometimes there was too much information for him to deal with at once. Now, with the app, he can choose when to see what will be happening during the course of the day and he doesn’t need to view the whole week at once if he doesn’t want to. With the day mapped out like this, he feels much calmer and in control. I have begun entering Anton’s school and leisure activities. It gives me so much peace of mind to know the day is all planned out and that Anton can check it whenever he likes.”

What’s your experience of DayCape? Has it changed your life for the better? We’re curious – please get in touch and share your thoughts and ideas. With your help, we can be even better!