Vendela uses DayCape


The door of the family home has a special name plate on it. The daughter, Vendela, designed it in the art style of Minecraft, her favourite game. Vendela is Love’s big sister. While Love can be subdued, Vendela is playful, energetic, and joyful. After I greeted her, she shifted her attention quickly between her own projects and iPad games, and her mother and brother’s activities. Like many girls her age, she likes a lot of attention. Vendela has been diagnosed with ADHD finds it difficult to concentrate sometimes. But when she is pursuing her own interests, she is full of creativity and energy.

When I showed her the DayCape app, she was immediately intrigued, and she became especially interested when her brother started using it. Vendela is a bit of a project leader, so she is the one who checks the DayCape app when she hears the ping. Her mother, Elisabeth, says that the app has made it easier for Vendela to focus on one thing at a time. She becomes curious as soon as the app pings, so she immediately turns her attention to the picture that appears on the screen, and does what the picture shows.

Just like her brother Love, Vendela thought that the time viewer was too boring. She designed her own time viewer, and showed me the picture. She would like to see far more images: everything from flying fairies to animated boats and cars. She wanted me to know just what she wanted, so she animated a boat and a car for me in the program Scratch. We may add her creations to the image library. Maybe she will make us a nameplate in a Minecraft theme, too