New functions on the DayCape app


During this year the DayCape app has reached 6000 downloads on the App Store and thanks to that we have received great feedback from our awesome users so that we can improve DayCape. For the new update our team has been working together with Web Tech Media Group, helping us out with the development of the new functions in the app. On the latest version you will find 3 new improvements that we hope will make DayCape even better:

Offline usage. Now, when you have bad or no internet connection, you will still be able to create activities, get reminders and see the activities you have ahead of you on your DayCape app.
Choose notification sound. Check out the Sound library in Settings and choose your favorite sound for your notifications.
Photo library when you create an activity. Now you have access to your own photos when you are creating activities in the app.
What do you think about the latest update of the DayCape app? We would love to get your feedback about it :)! You can easiest let us know about it by sending us a mail to: or through our chat here on the website.
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