Let us introduce the new DayCape!

Anton på DayCape besöker Imre.

DayCape has got even better and provides a host of new possibilities for you to get the most out of your day. DayCape is no longer at the beta stage – an upgraded version is now available. We have decided as part of the development of DayCape to launch payment functions in the app. The app is free to use. But if you are a parent, supervisor or teacher, you need a family or school package to enable you to help with planning and scheduling. Our new services provide you with greater possibilities for planning the day for your family or your class. You can still use the app for free for 30 days. We hope you will continue to enjoy using DayCape and join us on our journey towards new possibilities.

New functions

  • Invite teachers or family members to help with planning and scheduling.
  • Create common group schedules that you can share among users.
  • Be able to see and monitor how your child or student feels when they have carried out an activity.

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