DayCape awarded five stars by Educational App Store!

Educational App Store Recommended

Educational App Store works to help teachers and parents to promote children’s learning with the aid of apps. We think this is a great idea! So we were extra happy when we heard that the store had chosen to test DayCape – and judging by their review they were satisfied :)

“We have trialled and forgotten many visual planning apps at our school but DayCape definitely takes first place. Well done guys!  – Educational App Store

Certified to meet educational needs

The test was carried out by a selected teacher and four schoolchildren. The teacher has subsequently evaluated DayCape according to the following four criteria:

• Contents – quality and relevance to its educational aim
• The national curriculum – how well the app can be applied in day-to-day teaching
• Integration – how well the app can be integrated into school and the home
• Navigation – user-friendliness, functionality, design and security.

Certified by Educational App Store

DayCape was given top marks, 5 out of 5 stars (Hooray!!) and this means that it has been certified by Educational App Store! A guarantee of quality to all teachers and parents looking for digital aids.

Words to warm our hearts

This has truly made today a superday!

“Being able to prepare children in advance for upcoming changes in routine quickly is important for both parents and teachers. DayCape gives you the power to do this in a really efficient and collaborative way.”

“The Children really responded well whilst using the app and teachers and parents loved how simple it was to create activities.”

“The developers have done a wonderful job in creating DayCape. They really seem to understand what works for children and young people with autism. Additionally, they have also recognised what is important and what works for parents and staff working with children on the spectrum.”

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