Today at the World autism awareness day we are starting a crowdfunding campaign for the creation of DayCape.
In the fund video the creator of DayCape Anton Håkanson shares his personal story and why he think tools like DayCape need to exists.
Anton learned to talk very late and usually seems to draw himself back from friends and family. He found it difficult to be in groups of people and would likely escape in to his own peace and quiet. In school he had support teachers looking after him and helping him to concentrate during lessons and to meet new friends.
– I didn’t really mind being alone with my own thoughts during school breaks and found it sometimes frustrating with teachers looking after me. But today I’m happy that they were around. I think it helped me find new friends.

Today Anton has no social difficulties whatsoever. But he’s still very happy for the support he got as a child.
– I’m glad that there where people around me that supported me. It helped me grow to the person I am today. Therefore I think it’s very important that there are such help available.

Anton wanted to create something that could be of extra help for people that might need it.
-I got the idea for DayCape because I can be a bit absent minded myself. Drifting away in my own mind is something I really can relate to.
But for some people with it can be an extra challenge. Therefore I would like to make DayCape extra useful for people with autism.

To create DayCape Anton is pledging for support through a crowdfunding campaign.
– If DayCape would get support we could launch a new autism adapted calendar for iPhone and hopefully even for iPad and desktop. This could be a great support for people that is in need of extra help.

To visit the campaign site and maybe support DayCape, visit the link bellow.