Ottawa students try DayCape

At the Ottawa Technical Secondary School’s program for autism education, two students got a first look at DayCape together with their teacher Anne Villeneuve.

Ottawa students
Two of Anne´s students tests an early beta of DayCape.

Anne said to us.
– DayCape could be the perfect app for my students with autism. It will help with transitions and promote greater independence both at home and at school. The schedules created with DayCape will be easy to follow for the visual learner. At times even our students that read prefer a visual schedule over a written schedule.

Ottawa pappers schema
Today the students use printed schedules with images.

And with the interest our students have with technology a reminder about a change in activity coming from an iPad or iPhone instead of a teacher or parent will be much more motivating. The schedules can be tailormade to include either pictures with sounds or without. The individual with autism can often become quite prompt dependent. One of the staff mentioned how great it will be for her to be able to show students how much time there is until an activity changes: for some, time doesn’t have a great deal of meaning but they can see where the snail is to know how far they are along in an activity.

Ottawa iPad

I think DayCape will especially be useful in this area of concern and make the goal of independence much easier. I look forward to implementing DayCape in our program!

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