Yes! You can now login as a teacher, parent or child and plan the day directly in the app.

New update? Appsolutely!

We have been working extra hard to make the new DayCape version our best update so far. This version includes a new login function which allows you to login either as child, parent or teacher. This function offers new and improved ways to manage planning, directly from the app. With the help of user feedback, we have also been able to take care of several bugs. So now it’s even easier for you to enjoy your superday!  

New functions in the app

New login option for CapePlanners

Be even more mobile with the new DayCape! You can now login as a CapePlanner and enjoy more ways to plan the day directly in the app.

New and improved features

  • Create, edit or delete activities.
  • Add images directly from your phone or surfpad.
  • Crop images.
  • Swap between the CapeUsers who you want to plan for.

Wait there’s more!

  • Improved auto scrolling that makes it easier to find completed activities.
  • Choose to view only the actual day.
  • Improved Widgets. If you haven’t tried it yet, go to widgets in the home screen in your phone and add it.
  • Bugg fixes.

Thank you for all your support!

We are so grateful for all the amazing  feedback we are receiving from our users. It’s because of your support that we continues to get even better :)

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